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Delivering a world class service

Xtend offers more than just a mobile clinic, we provide access to an ecosystem of expertise that ensures you have the right technology, manufacturing designs and operational output. Our video illustrates how we deliver a solution to leverage technology and mobility.


Mobile clinic parked outside a school


Bringing world class healthcare solutions anytime, anyplace, significantly improving overall access to these services.

Mobile clinic visiting a school to deliver a service


Mobility offers the power to take the service to the consumer, moving beyond fixed facilities and their limitations.

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Designed with the staff and user in mind, we offer staff comforts and ensure the best possible experience for the consumer when receiving the service.

What we offer

Dentistry section on mobile clinic

The Mobile Clinic

We have spent 13 years constantly improving and innovating our mobile clinics. Our mobile clinics are built to be just as good – if not better than brick and mortar healthcare facilities. They include staff amenities like toilets and kitchens, hydraulic legs to create complete stability when operating, and solar panels to keep them quiet, eco-friendly and self-powering. The clinics are also specifically designed to make them a comfortable environment for medical staff to work, and users to benefit. From air conditioning and high ceilings to improve airflow, to partitions and curtains to allow privacy, user-centricity is at the core of what we do.

User using guud software on tablet

How We Work

Xtend is a platform/ecosystem model, so we are structured in a way that all facets of our industry are managed by separate entities, Xtend licensed manufacturing, maintenance and asset partners create physical infrastructure of our model and our software (GUUD) was specifically tailored so that all inner processes and some level of client interaction are all digitized, allowing for efficient, transparent workflows.

Let's make an impact, together

Xtend will work with you to develop your healthcare solution into one that will benefit from the utilization of mobility, then, when you decide to implement, you’ll be given access to our platform and software, making you apart of our ever growing partner network.

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