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For customers wanting to deliver services through mobility, Xtend offers defined solutions, as well as consulting services. Defined solutions offer the perfect platform for immediate impact. Through our consulting service, we will work with you to design a custom solution that matches your requirements. Previous custom solutions include HIV, Mobile Offices and Mobile Classrooms.

Xtend Health

Xtend Health Solution is extremely well suited to an approach utilizing mobility. All that it requires is quality equipment, qualified staff, and a clean, comfortable environment for the recipients of the services. Mobility offers all three, and more.

Nurse next to mobile clinic

Xtend Schools Health

Xtend Schools Health Solution focuses on improving access to preventative healthcare for school-going children, allowing for early detection and correction of simple health errors before they become disabling matters.

Nurse and patient inside a mobile clinic

Xtend Administration

Xtend Administration Solution has been designed to deliver administrative services to the whole of Africa. Vehicular service delivery is a sustainable, cost-effective and flexible solution to fulfilling Africa’s administrative needs.

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Xtend Education

Xtend Education Solution offers Mobile classrooms, one of the best ways to deliver quality educational content. Fulfilling all your requirements, whether it’s a mobile classroom teaching children how to code in rural areas or teaching after school mathematics in more developed areas.

Learners outside Merseta mobile

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