Powerful and flexible tool to cover all data capturing needs

Replace your paper-forms and drive your data collection with a high-quality app that is designed to work in any environment and without internet.

Design customized forms for all scenarios

Powerful & flexible form builder

Easily create custom forms for surveys and questionnaires in a simple step-by-step process. The flexible form builder covers all your data collection needs from a simple survey to more complex medical screenings.

  • The Rules feature allows you to streamline the data capturing by showing only necessary fields.
  • To visually arrange fields on your forms use the layout composer and create clarity for the data collector.
Flexible form builder screenshot

Works in all environments

Capture forms while offline

Capture data in remote and rural settings. Even without internet your team can continue to collect data. The app seamlessly enters Offline mode when necessary and syncs all submissions the next time it’s online.

Online and offline capture screenshot

Android mobile application

Robust and user-friendly mobile app

Readily available on the Google Play Store your data collectors can download the dedicated mobile app and get started right away. The app follows a simple and intuitive design making the data capturing process as effortless as possible.

Health assessment form screenshot on tablet device

Dedicated backoffice web application

Manage your team and access data

Accessible from anywhere, the Backoffice app allows you to manage your team of data collectors. It grants easy, yet secure access to the data.

  • Group data collectors in audiences and decide who can collect data on your behalf.
  • Download the collected data in the universtal CSV file format and use them in your favourite BI tool. The data becomes instantly available as soon as submitted by the data collector.
List of form cards screenshot